Help Others Find Health, Hope and Healing

We Can All Help!

Have you suffered a loss in your life but have come through it even stronger?

Are you ready to help others, but don’t really know what you can do?

Join us! We are a non-profit organization here to help those struggling with loss find hope and healing.

We help others not only survive, but ultimately THRIVE.

*Your tax-deductible donation provides grief support for someone struggling with a loss.

Yolanda Mitchum in a pick dress with arms outstretched

H3Haven—A place of
Health, Hope and Healing

MissioN and Vision:

Be a safe haven where families learn and utilize skills for better overall health: physical, spiritual and mental.

Our vision is to encourage and empower families to experience hope and healing, improve their whole life and go from a broken heart to living again after loss.

Make a Difference!

How You Can Help

H3Haven is a faith-based non-profit organization whose goal it is to help people find hope and healing. We have partnered with other businesses and organizations to provide an array of services and educational opportunities.
If we are not able to help you directly, we would love to refer you to other resources we believe will benefit you.
JOIN US by donating to help others receive services, volunteering in whatever capacity you are able, or partnering with us and offering your services to others who can benefit.


Together, we can create a place where everyone can get the help they need to heal and recover from loss. Your donation will be used for Grief Recovery scholarships for those that need to find healing and move forward but are not able to afford help. 

*Your tax-deductible donation provides grief support for someone struggling with a loss.

We are looking for individuals with a heart to empower, educate and equip people in the community to take control of their own life.  Are you a self-motivated and innovative person who understands a no limit mindset and finds creative ways to achieve goals? 

Do you offer a service that is in-line with our mission? We love finding additional resources we can refer people to if we are not able to help them. Send a note via email or our CONTACT FORM and let’s find out how we can work together!

"As a child, I was bullied because I had scoliosis and didn’t look like my peers. I was suicidal, and no one knew it. I appeared to be happy and always smiled, yet inside I felt ALONE, INADEQUATE and BROKEN. Today, children face greater pressures from social media and their peers that distort reality. In addition to mental health, children face other losses and do not know how to communicate their feelings. H3Haven provides education and tools for parents to help their children identify their feelings and deal with loss."

–Yolanda Mitchum

Prayer Request

If you or a loved one are in need of extra prayers, we would be honored to help you.

Please fill out the PRAYER REQUEST form and we will pray for you.