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61 Tips on the Experience of Grief and How to Help People Through It

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The Ebook Walks You Through...

61 Tips on the Experience of Grief and How to Help People Through It

You will better understand your own grief and emotional reaction to loss as well have have tools to help others.

You will learn what grief is and common myths about grief that can keep you from recovery or completion of what was left emotionally unfinished or unsaid.

Yolanda Mitchum

Yolanda Mitchum, MBA, BSN, RN, Advanced GRM Specialist, Founder/CEO of H3Haven

Hi, I’m Yolanda Mitchum.

As a child, I was bullied and suicidal, but no one knew it.

I appeared to be happy, yet inside I felt ALONE, BROKEN and INADEQUATE.

Although my hidden childhood insecurities rolled into adulthood, I became a very successful registered nurse, obtained a master’s in business administration, and climbed the corporate ladder leading teams, where the sky was the limit.

But none of that mattered when my life came to a HARD STOP and my HEALTH took a DOWNWARD turn in 2020.

That was the year my husband and I lost our unborn child and Amaria, our then 18-year-old daughter, unexpectedly died.

While I’ve had many losses along the way, that was the final loss I could take. 

I knew I needed something in addition to the “usual” professional counseling, religious guidance, family/friend support and medical care I was already receiving.

I will be forever grateful for a mother who reached out to a stranger, me–another mother in pain, to offer genuine support through social media and recommended The Grief Recovery Method (GRM). 

I found the GRM instrumental in my personal healing from early childhood losses, adult losses, and the most devastating loss – the unexpected death of my daughter. 

The tools I learned and applied from this program have completely changed my life, helped me be a present mother for my living children, empowered me to live again and SMILE for real. 

I now am an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist helping those struggling with loss move forward and teaching parents how to help their children with loss.

If you are struggling with grief or helping someone who is, download the free ebook to get 61 tips that can help you or your loved one.

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Grief Recovery Method Guide For Loss Cover Image

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61 Tips on the experience of grief and how to help people through it

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