Yolanda at a Prayer in the Park event

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Upcoming Events


H3Haven’s 2024 Grief Awareness Scholarship Gala

Date and time
Starts on Friday, August 30 · 6:30pm EDT


Mary Sue Rich Community Center at Reed Place

1821 Northwest 21st Avenue Ocala, FL 34475 United States

About this event

We will honor individuals with Grief Recovery Scholarships a total value of $4,800.H3HAVEN, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting individuals through loss, is hosting the “2024 Formal Grief Scholarship Gala” on August 30th, 6:30 PM EST in Ocala, FL, coinciding with National Grief Awareness Day.

Prior Events

Prayer In the Park for Hillsborough County Schools

H3Haven would like to thank Family Life Ministries for inviting us to speak and pray at “Prayer in the Park for Hillsborough County Schools”. 

We were able to present one mother with a free scholarship to participate in our four week “Helping Children with Loss” program.

Prayer in the park leaders together
Prayer in the Park booth with Family Life Ministry
Yolanda praying while at Prayer in the Park
Yolanda at prayer in the park with scholarship recipient
Prayer in the park participants

Annual Mother's Day Gala

Special thanks to the amazing, Levitriss McClellan who hosted and pampered nearly 100 mothers at her annual Mother’s Day Gala!

This was our first opportunity to speak about H3Haven. I was honored to wear Amaria’s junior prom dress to the event as I shared the purpose behind H3Haven. Truly #AmariaLivesOn in and through me.

Many mothers have experienced the loss and the death of a child and this can be the most devastating experience of the all. H3Haven gave a scholarship to a mother from this event to attend The Grief Recovery 8 week evidence based program.

Room for the Mothers Day Gala Diamond and Pearls
Women at the Mother's Day Gala
Yolanda and other moms from the Mothers Day Gala
Yolanda in her black dress
Sax player at the Mothers Day Gala
women in formal attire at Mothers Day gala

Prayer Request

If you or a loved one are in need of extra prayers, we would be honored to help you.

Please fill out the PRAYER REQUEST form and we will pray for you.