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Are you grieving a loss of any kind? Are you a parent of a child that has experienced loss or currently struggling emotionally?

Do you need a safe, faith-inspired place for personal recovery and healing? A confidential space where you can talk, cry, be inspired, tell your unique story, and gain tools to help you move forward?

H3Haven offers you options and opportunities to improve your life and move from broken heart and loss to living again.

I walk with you to find the services you need when you feel stuck… and offer a faith-based, holistic approach to not only surviving, but THRIVING!

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H3Haven is Here to...

  • Be a safe space for the broken-hearted to heal
  • Help parents, families, pastors and teachers help their children deal with any kind of loss (death of a partner, child, friend, loved one, or pet, job loss, change in living situation, change in health, etc.)
  • Equip individuals to recover from loss
  • Give children a voice and create healthy families
  • Empower families to experience HEALTH, HOPE and HEALING as they journey forward together




Let’s see how I can help you!

Providing Solutions

Services Offered

Partnering with other businesses and organizations to provide an array of services and educational opportunities.

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Inspiration, education, and true motivation. Experience total wellness by preventing, reversing or reducing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

As a Registered Nurse, I will show you how proper hydration, a healthy diet, exercise and regular checkups can achieve your optimal lifestyle.

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For those seeking direction or have lost their faith, we offer services here.

There is an essence for everyone to believe in something beyond their own power and physical abilities. I offer Christ as the solution, help reconnect those who may be struggling in their faith and be there for those who have strong faith but need a lift-up.

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I know from first-hand experience that you can experience an abundant life after you experience "the unthinkable".

Perhaps you feel empty, exhausted, confused, overwhelmed and scared to face tomorrow. With specific training from the Grief Recovery Method, I give you the tools needed on your journey to hope and healing of your broken heart.

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It's Time For you to be Understood

Hi, I'm Yolanda!

I understand unthinkable lossesI understand struggleI understand bad healthI understand having a challenging childhood and rising above statistics, trauma and obstacles… because that was my journey!

And I understand the need for help and actionable tools as you try to move forward from a tough loss in your life.

But first…

Congratulations for having the courage to take a step toward finding answers to the questions you have and relief for the pain you feel. 

My name is Yolanda Mitchum and I am honored to have the opportunity to briefly share my story, a little about my loss, why I became a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and why I started H3Haven as a faith-based connection to help you find answers.

The hope is that you will see a little of yourself in my story and know you can move forward. 

I will never fully understand exactly how you feel (no one will), but I can walk with you through personal losses to reach YOUR healing.

People who have found success

What Clients have Said...

I enrolled in this program because of the death of my daughter. This was by far one of the most difficult tasks I have had since she passed. Johnette (my daughter) passed away from COVID in August of 2021. I started Grief Recovery in April of 2022. This has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster ride but I got through it with Yolanda’s help. Yolanda is very patient and caring, she pretty much holds your hand through the process. She is a very effective listener and the atmosphere is calming. I will definitely be referring H3Haven to those that have lost love ones.
Johnny Alexander
Johnny Alexander
I had the honor of attending H3 Haven's grief recovery method sessions and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made for my mental health. Yolanda helped me in ways I had not anticipated and I would recommend her to anyone needing this type of service.
Kathy Tolbert
Kathy Tolbert
I went through the grief recovery program with Yolanda in which it was nothing less then AMAZING. I faced giants that has held me down for so long from living the best life possible. I can say that going through this transition during the 8 weeks was a uphill battle at first, but she encouraged me that there was light at the end of the tunnel! I’m so glad that I went through this program, because I am able to live a happier & healthier life! I would RECOMMEND this program to anyone who has had lost, whether it be a death or simply a divorce. Also, especially Yolanda as your grief recovery specialist! She has so much passion & purpose and puts her all in what she does! Thank you for being my grief recovery specialist! You rock!!
Angel Robinson
As an active leader in the youth ministry at my church, an older sister, and a mentor to many; I witness the children in my life go through loss very often. H3Haven presented me with the opportunity to delve deeper into what loss truly is and the impact it has on lives, specifically children’s. Delivered by Advanced GRM Specialist, Yolanda Mitchum, The Grief Recovery Method- Helping Children With Loss 4 week program, is equipping me with the tools and knowledge that I need in order to bring forth health, hope, and healing to these children’s lives. It is truly eye opening and abundant in the keys that it provides regarding the truth about grief. I am very fortunate to partake in a program that is shaping me to be a heart with ears and a blessing for my community. This is one of the best investments that anyone could make!
Rachel Touze
Rachel Touze


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"It's never
too soon to heal
your heart!"

-The Grief Recovery Method

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