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The place of Health, Hope and Healing

Gain the Tools You Need to Move Forward

Are you struggling with a loss, experiencing overwhelming grief, and have no idea what to do or where to go?

H3Haven offers you resources to heal your broken heart and feel like you can really live again.

I’m Yolanda. As the founder of H3Haven, I offer a faith-based, holistic approach to not only surviving, but THRIVING! I will walk with you to find the services you need when you feel stuck… and help you MOVE FORWARD!

H3Haven—The place of
Health, Hope and Healing

MissioN and Vision:

Be a safe haven where families learn and utilize skills for better overall health: physical, spiritual and mental.

Our vision is to encourage and empower families to experience hope and healing, improve their whole life and go from a broken heart to living again after loss.

Connecting You to Resources

Having the right tools to move forward from grief makes all the difference!

We have partnered with other businesses and organizations to provide you with an array of services and educational opportunities. If we are not able to help you directly, we have pastoral counselors and professional therapists available for referral.

What H3Haven Believes...

My Story

How I got Here...

As a child, I was bullied because I had scoliosis and didn’t look like my peers.

I was suicidal, and no one knew it.

I appeared to be happy and always smiled, yet inside I felt ALONE, INADEQUATE and BROKEN.

Although my hidden childhood insecurities rolled into adulthood, I became a very successful registered nurse, obtained a master’s in business administration, and climbed the corporate ladder leading teams, where the sky was the limit.

I’ve always had strong faith in God and believed in professional counseling to bring balance in life.

But none of that mattered when my life came to a HARD STOP and my HEALTH took a DOWNWARD turn in 2020.

That was the year my husband and I lost our unborn child and Amaria, our then 18-year-old daughter, unexpectedly died.

    • I was completely OVERWHELMED with grief, emptiness and exhaustion
    • It was literally HARD TO BREATH
    • My heart was broken in a way I had never felt before
    • And I was devastated about a future with neither child in it!

While I’ve had many losses along the way, that was the final loss I could take. 

I knew I needed something in addition to the “usual” professional counseling, religious guidance, family/friend support and medical care I was already receiving.

I will be forever grateful for a mother who reached out to a stranger, me–another mother in pain, to offer genuine support through social media and recommended The Grief Recovery Method (GRM). 

I found the GRM instrumental in my personal healing from early childhood losses, adult losses, and the most devastating loss – the unexpected death of my daughter. 

The tools I learned and applied from this program have completely changed my life, helped me be a present mother for my living children, empowered me to live again and SMILE for real. 

Furthermore, GRM impacted how I support children in my care after loss and inspired me to become a GRM Certified Specialist and to open H3Haven, a place where others can find the healing they are looking for.

In early 2022, I decided to use my two decades of healthcare passion, loss
experiences and leadership to impact lives in a different capacity…

…healing broken hearts after the unthinkable happens and BEING HERE

I am ready to walk with you through the journey to YOUR healing and even offer you tools to help your children with loss.

I have prioritized helping children with loss for parents, teachers, and other leaders in childcare facilities, schools, and faith-based organization.

It takes a village to raise children and you are not ALONE!

Together you can find the healing you desire and the resources you need to get there!

In an effort to help others, I founded H3Haven, a non-profit organization connecting you to the tools and resources you need to move forward.

I also specifically work as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist helping those who are struggling with loss move forward and teaching parents how to help their children with loss.

All my work is dedicated to my daughter, Amaria Edwards, who lives on in our hearts and through organ donations. (Read more about Amaria’s loss as a child here…)

Welcome to H3Haven!


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Amaria Edwards

Donor Walk of Life

Founder/CEO and Board Members

Meet the H3Haven Team

Yolanda Mitchum

Yolanda Mitchum, MBA, BSN, RN, Advanced GRM Specialist, Founder/CEO of H3Haven

I’m Yolanda Mitchum, servant, leader and founder of Health, Hope and Healing Haven (H3Haven). 

Along with my board members, I believe chronic disease can be reversed, delayed and in some cases prevented completely. 

I have 18 years of nursing experience ranging from open heart to mental health and end stage renal disease. During that time, knowledge deficits in the community were identified.

Early in my career, I started volunteering at local faith-based organizations and focused on the importance of individuals knowing their numbers, keeping regular doctor’s appointments and simple changes to improve their health.

Professionally, I have lead teams of registered nurses to achieve exceptional goals and maintain quality care pre-Covid, as well as during a very difficult pandemic. 

In 2022, I stepped away from corporate America leadership and founded H3Haven to infuse hope to those who feel hopeless as lead them to find healing.

Board Members

Our team brings decades of mental health, medical and professional development experience as well as pastoral care to H3Haven. We are passionate about assisting you to live a full purposeful holistic life on earth as you travel your journey to your eternal home.

Gee Thompson, Pastor


Beverly R. Grandison

Mental Health Advisor

Garriona Lucas

Garriona Lucas

Vice President

We are looking for individuals with a heart to empower, educate and equip people in the community to take control of their own lives.
Are you a self-motivated and innovative person who understands a no limit mindset and finds creative ways to achieve goals?

Prayer Request

If you or a loved one are in need of extra prayers, we would be honored to help you.

Please fill out the PRAYER REQUEST form and we will pray for you.